The World is Bigger than You Know

Journal Entry 5903
39th Day of Theos
56th Year of the Reign of Meiticus
2nd Age

I recieved the report from Brost today. The Trolls are on the move all along the Erta Ale Mountains. But this is just the latest disturbing news I have recieved. The Nactale clans have made a peace that I believe will result in the death of all of the clan leaders, I have received reports of increasing demon attacks on Orc villages, the Teleru are on the brink of Civil War, the Humans are at each others’ throats, and the Elves are too busy bickering with themselves to get involved.

I fear that this isn’t all coincidence, I sense that someone is behind these events. And if they have been able to avoid my detection for so long, then they are far more powerful and evil than I care to imagine. It is no longer just Telrenor that I fear for, it is all of the forgotten lands. The time has come to cease standing by; even as I write this I am gathering adventurers to head the effort against this new threat.

Head of the Elder Council
Enacra Academy

The Lands of Telrenor

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