Panthean Compass

Golden Astrolabe of Pantheons


Sell: 20,000G

+10 Knowledge Religion while holding the Astrolabe

Cannot be used in combat, any attempts to use it during combat will result in the Astrolabe leaving the possession of the player and becoming hidden in a random location anywhere in the world.

Once per day, a player may ask a question to the Astrolabe, which will direct the player to which god will be able to help them the most. However, in order to be used again, tribute must be paid to it. This counts as worshiping another god.


After the Dwarves made the demon pact, they forged the Astrolabe as a means of finding “the master”. While this was its primary purpose, it was also designed to help maintain an intelligence edge in the ongoing war against the Teleri exiles.

Panthean Compass

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