Great Northern Forest

Beneath the shadow of the Kronach Mountains, rising above the morning fog, a sea of green boughs extends into the horizon – an evergreen forest nearly as old as the world itself. Below the mists lies a rich and mysterious land long forgotten by the rest of Telrenor. With little interference from the outside world, this region has developed without the influence of man or technology.

Divided from the rest of the region by Dancing Waters- a small inland sea named for the eerie lights that dance across its surface at night- the Twilight Valley forms the northern most part of the forest. Within its borders the deadly Drow exercise great magical influence over the area, accounting for its quiet, dark atmosphere – which allows the Drow to live above ground in the daylight.

Within the main region of the forest the fog that shrouds the trees is very rarely ever lifted. This has not stunted the growth of life in the area, however, as the massive evergreen trees provide ample opportunity for life to thrive. As a result, creatures here are deadlier than perhaps anywhere else in Telrenor. Chief among these are the solitary Ursin, large bear-like intelligent beings that dominate the area. They are not the only intelligent beings in the forest however, as Foxes, Birds, Insects, and even some trees have developed the ability to communicate with one another.

While the building-sized evergreens are the center of life in the forest, their roots are forever dependent on the slow, twisting currents of the Vrynal River. Descending from the tundras and glaciated valleys above the Twilight Valley, the Vrynal River is fed by Dancing Waters before running down the entire center of the forest. Along the way, the river is joined by several tributaries that run from the Kronach Mountains and the coastal hills to swell its size as it flows south and out of the forest.

Great Northern Forest

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