The largest continent and crown jewel of the world for which it is named, Telrenor is truly marvelous to behold. From the harsh desert wasteland of Sihna Ordek to the vibrant mystery of the Great Northern Forest, from the disease ridden muck of The Morag to the crisp frozen air of Sumarca; Telrenor is a continent of extremes. A land full of mystery and a past long forgotten.

In general the continent is slanted towards the southwest, with the west coast consisting of long smooth beaches, while the western coast is lined with mountains. The continent is naturally divided into two very different halves by the Kronach Mountains running southeast to northwest, and the Hemat Plateau on the west coast. The only natural break between these two features is a small valley known as the Yellow Vale, so named because of the thick yellow haze that hangs over the valley.

To the north, just beyond the Yellow Vale, there lies a festering, rotting lowland crisscrossed by hundreds of rivers and streams and covered in massive mushrooms known as the Putrid Swamp. Beyond the Putrid Swamp the ground solidifies and the mushrooms give way to the ancient evergreen trees of the Great Northern Forest; a cold, wet land set in a bowl between the Kronach Mountains and the hills of the west coast. Continuing north the land continues to rise before breaking away into a series of large, steep-sided islands surrounded by deep, foaming rivers fed by glacial melt. Commonly referred to as the Fjord Country, the land rises to meet the glaciers before rising into the mountains. Bitterly cold with violent weather, Sumarca is the roof of the world. Whose mountains are high enough to see as far as the Hemat Plateau 2,000 miles away.

Unlike the unexplored wilderness of the north, the southern regions of Telrenor are dominated by the civilized cultures of the world. The southern part of the continent is also far more geographically diverse, with the Gulf of Enacra and the Hemat Plateau guiding the land towards the Five Falls region, where Enacra Academy is located. From the bottom of the Hemat Plateau the Erta Ale Mountains run towards the east coast, serving as a divide between the human lands and the far south of the continent. In the other direction the Sea of Thorns separates Hemat from the south.

In the northwest – surrounding the sea of Atlons – the land is barren and rocky with an arm of the Kronach Mountains forming the backbone of the peninsula, where a stunted evergreen forest manages to survive in the foothills. Here Rox herds roam over what is collectively called the Nactale Highlands. To the south the boulders and outcroppings become less severe and the land becomes green and pitted with the deep freshwater lakes of the Tireua, or Lake Country. To the east the lakes flow into the lush green deciduous forest of Treemaw, so named for the great Redwood tree in the center of a valley formed by two arms of the Kronarch Mountains. As the forest approaches the terminus of the Kronarch Mountains, the hill country of Fahron rises into the mountains, serving as the gateway to the north and to the south. Rising above Fahron to the east is the Hemat Plateau, a large outcropping of glaciated valleys and thick mountains that disappears into the sea as fast as it forms from the hills.

Wrapping around the region of the Five Falls the hills of Fahron sink into the dry windy plains of the Eitan Flats, the prairie-strewn borderlands that run along the western leg of the Erta Ale Mountains. On the other side of these mountains a steam jungle basin known as Tamar drains into a large whirlpool at its center. Across the Bay of Flames from Tamar, the vast cactus forests of Sihna Ordek survive along the eastern and western edge of the great southern desert. To the north the never ending lava flows of the volcanic region of Malba pose a continuous threat to all life in the desert. And finally, tucked between the eastern branch of the Erta Ale Mountains and the Hemat Plateau to the north, The Morag rises gently from the Sea of Thorns into a small marsh plagued by seasonal flooding caused by glacial flows from the Hemat Plateau.

Fjord Country
Great Northern Forest
Yellow Vale
Nactale Highlands
Hemat Plateau
Eitan Flats
Sihna Ordek
The Morag

Kronach Mountains
Erta Ale Mountains
Eitan Mountains

Bodies of Water:
Sea of Atlons
Gulf of Enacra
Bay of Flames
Sea of Thorns
Pruin Bay
Dancing Waters


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